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In addition to discussing current best practices, Arthur fills his workshops with relevant examples and stories that as he likes to say "provokes your thinking but not you."  He shares proven tools and helps attendees to make powerful ideas their own, teaching them to take action right away. To ensure a highly successful outcome, he and his team will work closely with you to custom design a workshop that will address your unique organizational needs and challenges to reach the specific learning goals you want to achieve.







Arthur Tobia is comfortable in front of an audience of any size. He delivers engaging keynotes and breakout sessions that will connect with your  organization while remaining fun and entertaining. Arthur readily establishes a strong connection to people through his honest, open and approachable style, combined with his ability to address complex and challenging subjects in a simple and straightforward manner.



As a consultant Arthur Tobia will focus on your organization to help move you and your team forward. Every organization new and old, big and small has highs and lows. Arthur can help navigate through the storm and support or guide you throughout the calm of the blue skies to be prepared for the next storm that ineveitably will approach. 



Available for Keynote Speaking, Breakout Sessions and Consulting      for your organization, school or corporation.

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